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Karachiites Are Unamused At Commissioner’s Attempts To Beautify City

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Karachiites have not taken positively to the city commissioner’s attempts to beautify the city, with the recent move to build a cupboard in one of the city’s public walls receiving ridicule.

Journalist Mahim Maher shared a picture of a public wall in which a cupboard had been built and said that it must be one of commissioner’s ideas. She added that she pitied the city.

Journalist Alia Chughtai stated that before citizens were given free cupboards on roads, they should be given water in their pipelines.

This is not the first of the commissioner’s ideas to beautify the city. In October, the commissioner had advised people to put flowerpots on their balconies instead of flower pots.

He had also given an ingenious solution to the problem of tree trunks that had been cut.


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