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Cleric Refuses To Lead Shia Man’s Funeral Prayers In Kharian

A Sunni cleric in Kharian refused to lead a Shia man’s funeral prayers due to the deceased’s sect.

The deceased, identified only as Hino, was a young man who died in a traffic accident. His mother had died earlier, while his stepfather was alive. The deceased belonged to the Shia sect, and following his death, his neighbours also refused to lead his funeral prayers.

A neighbour told Naya Daur that Hino was a drug addict who had been kicked out of his house. Moreover, both of Hino’s younger brothers had lost their lives to drugs.

The neighbour further said that Hino died in an accident and his dead body was moved to a government hospital.

He said that when the local prayer leader of the mosque, who belonged to the Sunni sect, was informed of Hino’s death in an accident and asked to lead his funeral prayers, he refused, saying that he would not lead Hino’s prayers because he was a Shia.

Later, a Shia imam was called by some people aware of the happening, who lead the funeral prayers. Only four people aided in burying the dead body.


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