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CJ Khosa Says Successive Govts Failed To Implement NAP

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Outgoing Chief Justice of Pakistan Asif Saeed Khosa expressed his dismay over the government’s poor implementation of police reform and the National Action Plan (NAP).

While addressing the Police Reforms Committee of the Law and Justice Commission at the National Police Academy in Islamabad, he said that the 16th of December reminds us of both the APS attack and the Fall of Dacca.

The CJP said that East Pakistan became Bangladesh because the state failed to give the people their rights and did not fulfill its part of the social contract.

Moving on the APS attack, he went onto say that it was a tragic event. It represented the flaws with our security establishment.

He continued and said that everyone in the country had agreed to fight terrorism and the NAP was their commitment to it. The failure in implementing NAP from the government’s side was disappointing specially when the judiciary was playing its part in making the country safer.

The judiciary has been dedicated to fixing the justice system in the country. CJP designate Justice Gulzar had also expressed his dismay over the government’s role in the process of police and judicial reform.



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