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Christians Who Laid Their Lives For Pakistan

Despite violence and discrimination against them, the Christian citizens of Pakistan have always been loyal to the country and done their bit in making a difference in the country.

They have been a key part of the Pakistan armed forces and have always been ready to sacrifice their lives for their motherland. This is a list of a few who have protected their country with their lives.

1. Shaheed Lance Naik Yaqoob Masih and the Unknown Martyrs

Shaheed Lance Naik Yaqoob Masih was the first of the martyrs. He took part in the Kashmir war of 1948 and hoisted the Pakistani flag at Pando top. Not much is known about him as history textbooks have never mentioned his sacrifices for the country.

Similarly, Pilot Officer Novan Theodore Fazal Elahi Shaheed who could pass an aircraft from under the bridge of Attock Flight Lieutenant Edwin Shaheed who lost his life during F-86 aircraft crash in Quetta in 1995 are also not remembered by history books for sacrificing their lives for the country.

2. Squadron Leader Peter Christy Shaheed 

Squadron Leader Peter Christy Shaheed was awarded the Tamgha-i-Jurat for his bravery in the 1965 war where he was a Flight Lieutenant who was navigating a B-57. He was also later promoted to the position of a Squadron Leader after several operations where he showed his bravery. In the war of 1971, he and Squadron Leader Khusro were called upon for mission. Both were operating a B-57. On their way back they were hit by a surface to ground missile. Initially they were declared Missing in Action but were later termed Martyred.

3. ‘The Defender of Karachi” – Wing Commander Marvin Lesley 

Wing Commander Marvin Lesley was also known as the Defender of Karachi for his heroics in the 1965 war, where he played a major part in defending the city by shooting down IAF planes. He was later promoted to the rank of a wing commander and also awarded the Sirara-i-Jurat for his bravery. In 1971 he was recruited for the operation ‘Amritsar Radar’. On his way back he was attacked by a missile at the Gulf of Kutch. Initially he was declared missing in action and the was declared Martyred.

4. Second Lieutenant Daniel Utarid Shaheed

Second Lieutenant Daniel Utarid Shaheed was at PMA Kakul when he volunteered to for a difficult task. He was deployed at Sylhet in East Pakistan and decided to take his troops into battle when he heard that a platoon was under attack. He was shot three times in action and also took a bullet to his chest. He was awarded the Sitara-e-Jurat for his bravery.

5. Major Sarmas Rauf

Major Sarmas Rauf was responsible for Nawazkot in ex-FATA during the war on terror. When the town was under siege by terrorists, who had the better position, he helped evacuate the town to Razmak Fort. He was the last one to evacuate the place and was attacked by an RPG 7 round that blew up his armoured vehicle and martyred him. He was awarded the Tamgha-i-Basarat. He had also served on the Sialkot border for over 17 years.

6. The Martyrs of Siachen 

The April 7 Gayari sector avalanche incident four out of 139 martyrs of Pakistan Army were Christians – Asif Masih, Amon Gill, Adil Masih and Naveed Masih. The soldiers were celebrating Easter during those days.



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