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Cafe Aylanto Waiters Declared Guilty Of Selling Alcohol While Owners Go Scot-Free

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    3 waiters from Café Aylanto in Lahore have been found guilty of selling alcoholic drinks. The verdict came out on Monday after a three-month investigation.

    On the 7th of September, 2019, police raided a posh eatery on Lahore’s MM Alam Road known as café Aylanto. Th raid led to the police arresting the waiting staff of the café for serving alcohol. The restaurant was also sealed.

    People on social media criticized the police for not arresting the owners of the restaurant, the ones actually responsible for the policy. Instead, the police arrested the waiters who had nothing to do with this.

    The recent punishment of the waiters represents the state not punishing those with power and money in the country. It shows that the state is promoting a VIP culture and that the laws only apply to those who are poor.

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