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Shireen Mazari Condemns PU For Cancelling Protesting Student’s Degree

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Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari has condemned Punjab University for cancelling the degree of one of the organisers of the Students Solidarity March.

The student, Hasnain Jameel, took part in the mobilisation campaign for the Students Solidarity March at the Faiz International Festival. In a video that had gone viral on social media, where student activists are singing Bismil Azizabadi’s ‘Sarfaroshi ki tamana’, Jameel can be seen playing the drums.

In a tweet from her official account, the minister stated that a university’s cancellation of a student’s degree earned through his academic endeavours was blatantly political and unwarranted. She added that the university was itself acting politically in retaliation for what it perceived to be a political act.

Rights Activist Nighat Dad also stated that the university had blocked students who have raised the issue.

Some people pointed out the fact that the government must itself stop censorship and persecution of student activists.

In response to the minister’s tweet, people called her to take action in this matter.

Activist Ammar Ali Jan had earlier stated that targeting Jameel was proof of the fact that the ‘corrupt university administrations’ were afraid of the emerging power of students.

Students from across the country will be taking to the streets today to carry out the Students Solidarity March to demand greater rights and an academic environment conducive to critical thinking and political engagement.


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