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PM Imran Directs Govt’s Spokespersons To Avoid Responding To CJ’s Remarks

Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed spokespersons of the government to avoid responding to Supreme Court Chief Justice Asif Khosa’s comments on the issue of Nawaz Sharif’s departure.

On Wednesday, the chief justice had rebuked the prime minister for his comments on the decision to allow Nawaz Sharif to leave, saying that it was the government which had allowed the former prime minister to leave the country.

According to a report on Express Tribune, while addressing a government spokespersons at the PM office on Thursday, the prime minister stated that the government allowed Nawaz to leave considering his medical reports and on humanitarian grounds, adding that they would never play politics over someone’s health.

Following the Lahore High Court’s decision, the prime minister had made comments in an address to party workers in which he stated that the courts should not have a discriminatory attitude towards the poor and the rich.

In his response to the PM’s remarks on Wednesday, the chief justice had stated that those criticising the judiciary should be cautious, adding that for the judiciary, the most powerful entity is the law, and the rich and poor were equal before the law.


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