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Peshawar High Court Orders Eviction Of Shop Owners In Afghan Market

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The Peshawar High Court has ordered authorities to evict owners of shops in Afghan Market and hand over their possession to a citizen named Shaukat Kashmiri.

Shaukat Kashmiri had filed a case in Peshawar High Court in which he had claimed ownership of the land on which Afghan Market was built.

The said market was established on a plot next to the Afghan Consulate in Peshawar.

The court has ordered Peshawar’s deputy commissioner to make sure that its verdict is implemented and that shops are handed over to the applicant.

Following the court order, the district administration along with police officials conducted an operation to evict shop owners in Afghan Market.

The main road in the market was closed for traffic to avoid any untoward incident while a hotel was also demolished during the operation. An Afghan flag was also removed from the site.

Meanwhile, an official of the Afghan consulate reached the site and pleaded to authorities to not seal the area as it was the property of the Afghan consulate.

According to a report in Business Recorder, Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Pakistan Shukrullah Atif Mashal has threatened to close down the Afghan consulate in Peshawar over the removal of an Afghan flag from what he claimed was property of the Afghan consulate, and hence the Afghanistan government.


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