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President Arif Alvi Receives Notice From Twitter Over Tweet On Kashmir

Social media site Twitter has sent a notice to Pakistani President Arif Alvi for a post on Kashmir. This was brought to light by Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari, who in a tweet denounced twitter for sending a notice to the president.

In the concerned tweet, the president criticised the oppressive situation in Kashmir and said that Indian actions could not repress the sentiments that the Kashmiris had for India. The human rights minister shared a screenshot of the notice, lamenting how ‘ridiculous’ it was that the president had been sent a notice.

However, the notice shows that no action has been taken against the president’s account.

Rights activist Kashif Chaudhry took to Twitter to express the fact that he is frequently reported by extremists in Pakistan for posting about the plight of Ahmadis. He was however of the view that such reports to Twitter are different from the ones made by the Indian and Pakistani government.

In the past few months, activists critical of the Pakistani government have received such notices from Twitter, with the government being alleged to have reported the accounts who received such notices.

Moreover, people implied that the minister should not have made a big deal about this, expressing that such notices are not a big concern and people regularly receive such notices when their account is reported.

The minister was also referred to as ‘childish’ by an activist, and was asked not to embarrass herself considering the regularity of such notices.

Considering the fact that this is a routine report received by twitter users, it is not understandable why such a big deal is being made out of this.


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