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Nawaz And Zardari May Be Inching Towards A Deal With The Government

The rumour mills in the federal capital are abuzz with the news of an understanding between Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari with the government, but few details have yet to be finalized, well-placed sources told Naya Daur.
As per the purported deal, Zardari may pay a hefty amount and remain outside the country for five years while the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and its leadership including Bilawal and Faryal Talpur could get a clean chit and continue with their politics.

In the case of Nawaz Sharif, sources say, he has agreed to pay as well (no specific number given) but the problem is that Prime Minister Imran Khan has been insisting that Nawaz Sharif appear on TV to apologise for his corruption. If he agrees then the Sharif family including Maryam Nawaz will be cleared from all cases of corruption being heard against them.

Sources say this proposal has categorically been rejected by Nawaz Sharif and PMLN as Nawaz’s coming on TV and tendering apology will be the end of Maryam Nawaz’s politics before it even launched formally.
People close to Imran Khan have claimed that twice in the past, Imran Khan was communicated to by the establishment that keeping in view the tough financial situation of the country, it would be better to let the two leaders go in return for money.

But reportedly Imran threatened to resign saying that his whole political career is based on the promise of ‘punishing’ the two political families (Zardari and Sharifs) for their corrupt practices.

If they were given any kind of relief, he would prefer to go home instead of continuing as the Prime Minister.

But now Imran Khan has been convinced that there is no point holding the two leaders inside jail if they agree to enter into a plea bargain. Pakistan badly needs foreign exchange and the two leaders’ heath is also deteriorating, so the wise step was to get a deal going and move on, sources added.



  1. M. Jaffer August 2, 2019

    All parties should come to seces, instead pursue their own agenda, if any one does this will not be good for Pakistan. Do not play this musical chair game, one is jail today then the others will be in jail on their turn.

  2. Waheeduddin August 3, 2019

    The picture of the nation painted by political parties is hopeless. There is no logic in their outlook. They rule, they abuse and stick to double standards, one for them selves and other for others.No one alone can change 200 million at its own. We need to go along way for clearing the filth all around us.

  3. Nadeem Raja August 3, 2019

    I feel they be punished like other criminals besides getting national wealth back . There should be no excuse and acquittal for such parasites at any cost. Besides this we set examples to reinvigorate and reinforce the process of accountability across the board for future of our children.

  4. Nasir November 11, 2019

    Playing musical chairs game, or the catch 22 amongst the wicked Pakistan Politicians and the Army Generals has been the hallmark phenomenon of the existence of Pakistan..Lootmaris is as good as our religious offerings. Pakistan is doomed due to corruption that is not going to go unless people of Pakistan realise they acting against the interests of their own children.


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