Mass Protests in Srinagar As Indian Government Claims All Is Well

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Mass Protests in Srinagar As Indian Government Claims All Is Well

Although New Delhi is claiming that everything is fine in Indian-held Kashmir, some videos emerging on social media are showing a completely different story. In the video posted in a tweet by the BBC South Asia Bureau chief shared below, one can easily how the Kashmiris are not ready to accept the revocation of Article 370.

Earlier, Al Jazeera reported that Indian security forces fired tear gas and shot live rounds in the air to disperse mass protests in Srinagar. The protests erupted afternoon prayers on Friday, with thousands of people marching towards the city centre, ignoring a curfew imposed as part of an unprecedented security lockdown in the disputed region.

Some demonstrators were carrying black flags and placards saying “We want freedom” and “Abrogation of Article 370 is not acceptable.”

Al Jazeera’s Priyanka Gupta, citing local sources, said the police fired live bullets in the air and used “tear gas, rubber-coated steel bullets” to push protesters back

“We understand there have been injuries,” she said, reporting from the Indian capital, New Delhi. Some were wounded from pellet guns, she added.

A police officer, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said 10,000 people attended the protest. The protesters gathered in Srinagar’s Soura area and were pushed back to the Aiwa Bridge, he said.

A witness told Reuters “some women and children jumped into the water”, while another said: “They [police] attacked us from both sides.”

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