Woman Who Reported Sexual Harassment Faces Imprisonment In Indonesia

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Woman Who Reported Sexual Harassment Faces Imprisonment In Indonesia

The Supreme Court of Indonesia jailed a woman, Baiq Nuril Maknun (a teacher from the island of Lombok) for attempting to report her employer for alleged sexual harassment. The ruling has been criticised by human rights groups for risking turning victims of sexual abuse into criminals.

According to Reuters, the Indonesian top court ruled that Maknun was “guilty of violating strict anti-pornography laws” and jailed her for six months. She was also fined 500 million rupiah ($35,383).

The Legal Aid Foundation for the Press executive director said the organistaion “is concerned about the impact of this decision because it opens a door for perpetrators of sexual violence to criminalise victims.” The top cpurt’s rulimg cannot be appealed. “The only thing possible now is amnesty from the president because we have exhausted all other legal avenues,” said Aziz Fauzi, a lawyer for Maknun.

According to court documents, Maknun had complained of getting lewd phone calls from the principal of a high school where she worked from 2012. She recorded some of the phone calls without the knowledge of the headmaster and gave a recording to a third person, and distributed it on an electronic device, which resulted in the principal losing his job.

In 2015, the principal reported Maknun to police, which resulted in her being prosecuted under the anti-pornography law.



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