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Punjab Govt Asks IG Prison To Remove AC From Nawaz`s Cell

Lahore: The provincial government of Punjab has asked Inspector General of Police Prison to remove the air conditioner from the incarcerated Prime Minister`s cell.

It is pertained to mention here that daughter of the former Prime Minister had already condemned the stance, which was earlier announce by Prime Minister Imran Khan in Washington. Maryam believes that removal of an air conditioner might risk Nawaz`s health.

A letter by Punjab Home Department says, “the following directions of Prime Minister have been intimated for implementation and report ‘No preferential treatment be given to the criminals and money launders in the prison in Punjab’.”

Maryam Nawaz Press Conference

Responding to her father`s medical report, Maryam Nawaz addressed media representatives on Wednesday and briefed them about Nawaz`s health.

According to Maryam, the said report advises that Nawaz`s room temperature shall be maintained at a comfortable level to prevent dehydration and the possible deterioration of his renal function.

“Even the team of doctors they [government] put together for Nawaz Sharif advised a comfortable room temperature but our prime minister goes to America and announces that he will take away the facility of AC from Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif,” Maryam added.

Maryam said that last week on Wednesday, Nawaz`s cell electricity supply was disrupted for almost 17 hours which concerns the government and their attitude towards the former prime minister.

She announced that the incumbent government`s measures will be tackled by her in the court of law.

In another tweet, she posted pictures of Nawaz`s medical report.

“This medical report, compiled on 3rd July, was not shared with MNS, myself or his personal physicians. It clearly says MNS should be admitted to a hospital of his choice. The fact that govt has concealed the report & has not complied with the recommendations, is criminal negligence.”


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