Firdous Jamal Receives Backlash For Calling Mahira Khan 'Mediocre'

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Firdous Jamal Receives Backlash For Calling Mahira Khan ‘Mediocre’

Veteran Pakistani television and film actor Firdous Jamal is being criticized for his remarks about actor Mahira Khan. While speaking in a morning show hosted by Faysal Qureshi, Jamal said that Mahira is a ‘mediocre level model’.

“She is neither an actress nor a heroine”, the 65-year-old actor remarked, while referring to Mahira. He went on to call her ‘overage’ and added that actors her age usually play mothers, not the heroine.

Many took to Twitter criticising Jamal for putting a fellow actor down on grounds of her age.

Journalist turned philanthropist, Reham Khan took to twitter applauding Mahira for her work and her significance in the Indian subcontinent.

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Though veterans like Firdous Jamaal have ample contribution to the Pakistani entertainment industry with Jamal alone having 300 dramas under his belt, such comments reek of ageism. It shows how the society is unable to digest the idea of a successful woman excelling at what she does.

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