Journalist Files Police Complaint Against Actor Salman Khan

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Journalist Files Police Complaint Against Actor Salman Khan

Salman Khan, the resident bad boy of Bollywood has once again landed himself in trouble.

According to an Indian publication, a police complaint has been filed against the star for snatching a journalist’s mobile phone while he was trying to shoot a video of the actor.

The complaint was filed by a journalist named Ashok Shyamlal Pandey.

Describing the altercation, Panday said that he and his cameraman were travelling from Juhu to Kandivali when they spotted Salman riding a bicycle. They asked the actor’s bodyguard if they could make a video of the actor and the bodyguard agreed.

“We took out our mobile phones and started shooting. Suddenly, Salman turned around and gestured to his bodyguards. After that bodyguards riding motorcycles approached us,” the journalist said.

“My cameraman was pushed by one of the guards and he even pushed our car with force. We ended up having an argument with them. Salman turned his cycle and came to us. We told him we were from the press. Salman said ‘It doesn’t matter’. Then he snatched our mobile phones and left,” he added.

However, Salman bodyguards returned the phones, while Panday and his cameraman were dialing the police helpline.

A source told the publication that the actor’s bodyguard has also filed a complaint against the journalist, claiming that they took the video without permission.


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