Finance Minister Accuses FATF Jury Of Anti-Pakistan Bias

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Finance Minister Accuses FATF Jury Of Anti-Pakistan Bias

Finance Minister Asad Umar on Friday said that a fair and unbiased decision could not be expected from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) as long as India co-chairs the proceedings in Pakistan’s case.

Speaking to media in Washington during his visit to the United States (US), Umar said that Pakistan has made significant improvements since the last time the country was reviewed by the FATF. But the Finance Minister questioned that “Are we going to be judged by a rigged jury?”

“The finance minister of India is on record saying that they will use every means at their disposal to economically isolate Pakistan. What better way to isolate Pakistan economically than to get Pakistan on a FATF blacklist?” Umar was quoted as saying by Dawn.

Asad had recently wrote a letter to FATF president urging him to appoint any other member except for India as the co-chair of the Asia Pacific Joint Group. He said that with India co-chairing the proceedings, Pakistan did not expect “a fair and unbiased decision from the FATF”.

Speaking about the International Monetary Fund, Umar said that the IMF program will bring improvement in the economy. He said that Pakistan will finalize technical details in the coming week. Asad Umar also said trade activities in the region will improve living standard of the people.

Umar also revealed that Pakistan has prepared a Strategic and Economic Frame Work draft which will be signed with Turkey in the coming two months. Also, a gas-pipeline project has also been signed with Turkmenistan.

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