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Bilawal Accuses New Interior Minister Of Being ‘Involved’ In Daniel Pearl’s Murder

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has leveled allegations against newly-appointed Interior Minister Ijaz Ahmad Shah of being ‘involved’ in murder of foreign journalist Daniel Pearl.

“What kind of message are you (Prime Minister Imran Khan) trying to send to the international community with such a federal cabinet,” Bilawal questioned while addressing a National Assembly session.

Daniel Pearl, South Asian bureau chief of Wall Street Journal was kidnapped in January 2002, and was later beheaded by his captors in Karachi.

Bilawal also reiterated that PTI ministers with ‘close ties’ with banned outfits must be removed. He said this without naming anyone.

Speaking about PTI’s cabinet reshuffle, Bilawal slammed Prime Minister Imran Khan over his ‘incompetence’. “You (Prime Minister) can’t hide your own incompetence by reshuffling your federal cabinet.”

He always turned his guns towards ex-finance minister Asad Umar saying that he should address the nation over his performance that ‘led the economy to tatters’. “The selected prime minister’s government has unravelled in only eight months despite the tall claims that were made when he came to power.”

Responding to comments that he was uttering ‘anti-state’ remarks, Bilawal said that both Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto were called ‘traitors’ but “everyone knows they were real patriots.”

Bilawal criticised the government’s policies, which he said led to difficult economic situation for the people.


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