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Vasily Kamotskiy: Russia’s Slapping Machine

Russians are an intense group of people, especially when it comes to sports. Not many would dare go Tank Racing, or wrestling grizzly bears, but it is part of everyday life in most parts of Russia.

And now it seems they have discovered a brand new hobby; The Male Slapping Championship. The rules are simple; two slappers stand face-to-face, separated only by a small standing table that is wedged in between them. The one who knocks his opponent out first is declared the winner.

Other ways of winning are if one of the two quits, or the referee intervenes and declares the contest a Technical KnockOut. This year’s slapping championship was won by Vasily Kamotskiy, a 370-pound Russian, otherwise known as the male slapping machine or Dumpling.

Dumpling has mastered the art of KOing people with a mere slap and puts everyone to sleep thanks to his crazy power. He also received a cash prize of grand prize 30,000 rubles. The road to the championship title might not have been as painful to him as it was for his rivals, but Vasily would not think twice before shutting your lights off for some cash.


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