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Nawaz’s Bail Politically Insignificant For PML-N: Murtaza Solangi

Former PM Nawaz Sharif was granted bail by the Supreme Court (SC) earlier today. The bail was granted for 6 weeks on medical grounds and he would not be allowed to fly abroad during this period.

Journalist Murtaza Solangi weighs in on the possible outcomes of Nawaz’s bail. He says the this is a big victory for Nawaz-league group that had asked for negotiations instead of ‘aggression’. He also says that Nawaz’s bail would be politically insignificant for PML-N because Nawaz Sharif will not indulge in political matters.

Solangi says Nawaz will only consider a few discussions but won’t involve himself in politics because that would give rival Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) something to use against the ex-PM. “PTI will say that Nawaz wanted bail because he wanted to strengthen political power, so I don’t think Nawaz will indulge in politics’.

The journalist says that Nawaz will be spending most of his time seeking treatments from doctors that would be flying from abroad.


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