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Girl Harassed By Dozens Of Men For Posting In Favour Of Aurat March

A 16-year-old girl was harassed and bullied by a group of men on Instagram after she made some posts in favour of the Aurat March.

The event altogether has caused quite a stir as many believe the placards made by participants during the event were ‘inappropriate’ and ‘vulgar’. And now those who speak in support of the event are being attacked too.

According to Twitter user Javaria Waseem, her 16-year-old sister was harassed and bullied on Instagram. The bullies made an Instagram group just to poke fun at and bully the 16-year-old. They also threatened to physically harm the teenager.

In another tweet, Javaria said that “This is what women have to face when they stand up for their rights. Don’t come telling me that feminism is anti-men because the real hate is propagated by men.”

She has also attached screenshots along with her tweets in which it can be clearly seen that the bullies are using abusive and disgusting language.

One of the persons also goes on to call feminists a ‘biological waste’ and that they ‘should play the bluewhale game’ and ‘die’.

Here is another one.

Around 25-40% women in America face sexual harassment online, a Women’s Media Centre report said. Moreover, chatroom participants with female usernames are sent threatening and/or sexually explicit private messages 25 times more often than those with male or ambiguous usernames.

According to Statista survey, 57% of the respondents said that they had faced sexual harassment and abuse on Facebook. The second most affected platform was Instagram where 10% of the females were subjected to abusive, derogatory and inappropriate remarks.


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