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Pakistan has an online platform for victims of sexual harassment/assault

DRF and Nighat Dad have come up with Ab Aur Nahi, a digital platform where 42 lawyers and counsellers will be available for harassment/assault victims to provide them with legal advice and counselling for free. Check details of this timely initiative in this video

Pakistan now has an online platform

for victims of sexual harassment/assault

Since the launch of #MeToo, women are demanding accountability

but often don’t know how to get it

The platform, called Ab Aur Nahi,

provides quick and easy access to lawyers and counsellors

The 42 lawyers at Ab Aur Nahi are working pro bono

meaning the legal assistance you receive is free!

The counselors on the website are from Cyber Harassment Helpline,

Rozan and Talk2Me, all of whom offer free counselling via telephone

The platform is the brain child of Digital Rights Foundation

and its founder, Nighat Dad

The 2016 launch of the Cyber Harassment Helpline

showed DRF how widespread harassment is

After recognizing that victims and survivors need

legal and mental health support,

they came up with Ab Aur Nahin

The website is user friendly and anonymous

Anonymity is important since harassment often goes unreported

because survivors often experience guilt or shame

It also provides laws and codes of conduct about harassment

that many victims are unaware of

One hopes that the platform encourages more women

to take legal action against sexual harassment and assault



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