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    CM Buzdar’s ‘very confident’ press conference reminds us of Om Shanti Om

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    Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar conducted a press conference on Thursday in which he appeared ‘confident’, in fact ‘very confident’ and DGPR seems way too excited about it.

    So much so that the DGPR issued an official handout which talked about how outrageously confident Buzdar was.

    Let’s have a look at DGPR’s handout before we move further.

    DGPR handout

    “Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar was looking very condifent during the press conference which held at 90-SQA here today. He spoke in Urdu and Saraiku language and replied in Saraiki to a question put up by the journalist in Saraiki language. He conducted the press conference in a confident manner and replied to the question with full confidence”

    Do you all see just how confident our CM is? Have you ever seen confidence personified?


    Image result for buzdar in glasses

    And not just that, our CM from Punjab is also bilingual. He not only responded to questions in Urdu, he responded in Saraiki too. How cool, right?

    Source: Primo GIF

    Like who else responds to Urdu questions in Urdu and Saraiki questions in Saraiki? Your CM could never. HAH!

    Initially, people thought it was a fabricated/fake document, but turns out it is just as real as Buzdar’s buzzing confidence.

    ‘This can’t be real’

    But a Punjab government official told journalist Mubashir Zaidi that the handout was in fact real.

    All of this confidence has reminded us of Shah Rukh Khan’s Om Shanti Om

    Usman Buzdar’s CONFIDENT press conference

    Source: PopDiaries


    Source: BollyPop.in

    DGPR reacts to Usman Buzdar’s press conference

    Social Media too has a lot to say

    ‘I don’t believe this’

    All is well that ends well

    Way too much

    But we hope and pray that Mr Buzdar and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf maintain the confidence and steer Pakistan out of trouble.

    Here’s the full ‘very confident press conference

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