I had no idea that I would get lost in those brown, compelling eyes … all alone

I had no idea that I would get lost in those brown, compelling eyes … all alone
The first month of the Gregorian calendar, on 28th date of 2019, a winter morning, around 11am, I entered his boundaries, a not-so-soft voice touched my ears, I passed a stare at him, and then headed towards the bench to sit.

His fixed gaze made me leave a part of myself behind. My pulse was running wild. What had he done to me?

I did not believe in love at first sight. But he made me reconsider my beliefs. I had never thought that one encounter could make me fall head over heels for someone I hadn't even seen before. I had seen much handsome men before but none of them had made me go weak in my knees like he had.

I had just visited the court to watch the proceedings, not him. But his casual, relaxed demeanour is what made him so attractive. Perhaps, that was one of the reasons why I liked him – why I was so fascinated by him. This could also be the reason that I got impressed by his personality. Because I want to become a judge and I found such exemplary positives in him that I wanted to adopt.

We never spoke except through the exchange of those knowing glances. I was fascinated by his facial expressions, by the gestures of his hands. He had dark brown eyes, wore eyeglasses with black frame set in a round face; his lips were slender. He looked at me for a moment, his eyes distant and faraway, but my breath seemed to have stopped.

After one and half hour, he gave a farewell speech and left the court-room shortly afterwards. I stared at him till he was out of sight and then smiled to myself.

Thereafter, his face has been flashing before my eyes. His words are still ringing in my head.

Next day was quiet different. His lips, prominent, stretched into a smile. I couldn't take my eyes off him – his pleased, kind, and amused facial expression. The lights had dimmed around me and everything was out of focus, except his face. After exchanging glances for a while, our time ended.

Next day it would have been a difficult day for someone who had had a dead body of a retired judge in his home, but it was a sad moment for me because I wouldn’t be able to see court proceedings. But there was one hope that we would meet again.

That day passed in the same hope. The rest of the days were spent in the university. After a few days, I thought about bunking classes and that day at last I met him.

After meeting him, I realised that while I had gone to that place to learn something, I had no idea that I would get lost in those brown, compelling eyes … all alone!

Author is an advocate by professional and an activist, story teller and blogger by passion. She tweets @uroosa_eman (https://www.twitter.com/uroosa_eman)