Hiran Minar — A Tale Of Love Immortalised

Hiran Minar — A Tale Of Love Immortalised
In the heart of Sheikhupura, Hiran Minar exists as a memory of Emperor Jahanagir’s affection with his pet deer. Hiran Minar (the deer tower) in an early 17th century Mughal era complex in Punjab. The tomb was built to honour the memory of Emperor Jahangir’s beloved deer which was very dear to him. His name was Mansraj. Jahangir the emperor is well known for his nature and relationships with pets and animals and he was also fond of hunting. Hiran Minar is built in a scrub thick forest, surrounded by bushes and trees.

The deer is buried down the Minar and next to it is a beautiful fort with captivating artwork and design – a happy place for the tourists. Surrounded by water, thick bushes and forests locate the beautiful Minar. During the Jahangir era it was believed that animals like elephants and lions used to come and drink water which was used as the medium of hunting too. The magnificence of that spot is not exactly some other landmark of Pakistan.
Hiran Minar is cherished by global sightseers and the spot is utilised for film shoots and shows as well. The place has been covered a few times by international bloggers as well. The spot is utilized as a mode of school and college documented excursions to instruct understudies about history. The excellence and quiet of the territory make it much more glorious. The region is encircled by a wonderful lake where one can appreciate drifting and neighborhood diners close by make the visit even more enjoyable. The Minar is stretched out by long pathway joint by another Minar situated in the lake. The octagonal structure, which filled in as an imperial retreat, sits in the lake. The Minar is open from all side where one can sit and see the city.

The Minar is delightfully painted with brilliant culinary work, blended in with red and gold paint everywhere on the ceiling characterizes the tidiness and flawlessness of the work done on the burial chamber.

Hiran Minar is additionally considered as one best chronicled places for vacationers. The quiet spot is likewise a honeymoon spot for newlyweds from far spots and different nations visit this place and always remember to take pictures as well.