ISPR’s Outburst Against Musharraf Treason Decision Draws Wide-Ranging Commentary On Twitter

ISPR’s Outburst Against Musharraf Treason Decision Draws Wide-Ranging Commentary On Twitter
Inter Services Public Relations Director General Asif Ghafoor reacted to the special court verdict awarding death sentence to former president Pervez Musharraf by saying that the verdict has been received with “lot of pain and anguish by rank and file of Pakistan Armed Forces”.

The statement added that the one who had served the country for over forty years and had fought wars for the defence of the country could never be a traitor.

The statement by the DG ISPR on the court verdict has received widespread reaction on social media.

Journalist Asma Shirazi took to Twitter to state that Fatima Jinnah could be a traitor, but General Musharraf could not be one.

Journalist Nasim Zehra stated that the statement was best not issued and no one was above the law. She added that General Musharraf’s trial for violating article 6 of the constitution was a legally valid trial and all legal objections to the trial must be raised in the Supreme Court.

Columnist Mohammad Taqi expressed the view that it was ironic that the army was seeking constitutional protection in defense of the usurper who trampled the constitution.

Lawyer Safi Ghauri opined that the statement by the DG ISPR was a divisive statement as the army was casting aside a verdict given by the courts it had taken an oath to protect.

Journalist Mehreen Zehra Malik stated that the army clearly thought it was okay to overthrow a government, abrogate the constitution and impose an emergency as long as you were a military general who also served as a president.

Journalist Ahmed Noorani question why there was appreciation for the judiciary when a three-time prime minister was sent home. He added that the decision must be respected and all institutions should help the government in bringing Musharraf back and implementing the judgement.

Moreover, a user, while replying to DG ISPR’s statement on Twitter stated that the military only respected the court’s decisions when it was against politicians. In an apparently sarcastic manner, he stated that Musharraf was not a traitor but Bhutto, who had struggled for the release of prisoners captured in Dhaka in 1971, was considered a traitor.

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