Faisal Edhi Says PM Imran Failed To Recognise Him During Meeting

Faisal Edhi Says PM Imran Failed To Recognise Him During Meeting
Faisal Edhi, the head of Pakistan’s largest charity organisation Edhi Foundation, said that Prime Minister Imran didn’t recognise him during their meeting in Islamabad on Wednesday.

Faisal Edhi, while giving an interview to anchorperson Nadeem Malik on Thursday night, said: “Initially, PM Imran didn’t recognize me. He didn’t even talk to him for six to seven minutes.” He said that along with him there were two industrialists sitting with PM Khan and one of them recognized him and told the premier, “Faisal is Edhi sahab’s son.”


“We had a half-minute talk at the door of his office,” the Edhi Foundation head said. Faisal said he told the premier that he needed help in establishing Edhi University.

Late Pakistani philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi’s son Faisal Edhi also donated Rs10 million to the prime minister for the government’s Coronavirus Relief Fund, for which he was criticised in many circles. He responded to critics in an interview to Independent Urdu on Thursday and said that Edhi foundation has been working with governments since day one after the emergence of coronavirus.

"If all the stakeholders don't work synchronously and maintain gaps, then the public will face problems. I urge all critics, opposition, Centre and other parties to forget their differences and stop criticising each other. If we don't form a consensus then it will benefit the coronavirus, not us," he added.

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