PML-N spinning daily mail story by saying I was chairman of DFID: Asad Umer

PML-N spinning daily mail story by saying I was chairman of DFID: Asad Umer
In his report published in British newspaper Mail on Sunday, the journalist David Rose had alleged that Shahbaz Sharif and his family had embezzled and laundered millions of pounds out of £500 million aid coming from UK during his tenure as chief minister of Punjab. Lately, the PML-N supporters have been making the hasty generalization that since the former Finance Minster PTI leader Asad Umer was chairman of UK's Department for International Development (DFID) funded Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF) in Shehbaz's era, he was somehow to be blamed for money laundering.

Appalled at PML-N's fallacious judgment alluding a false allegation, Asad Umer responded the other day and tweeted, 

Furthermore, he termed the PML-N's ill guided attempt to link him with UK funds misappropriation as being analogous to fabricating of another Qatari letter.

Similarly, the other day, PML-N leaders trolled David Rose by terming his story 'planted' and 'conspiracy', based on a picture of the said journalist along with Imran Khan. “The photo was taken last year, when I interviewed him before the election. Here’s the proof,” Rose witticized PML-N trolls on twitter while sharing the web link of the interview published on July 21, 2018.

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