IIUI Employee Receiving Money From Saudi Govt

IIUI Employee Receiving Money From Saudi Govt

ISLAMABAD: After administrative head of the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI), another senior permanent employee of the varsity has been found be receiving  thousands of Riyals from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, sources said.

Dr. Hafiz Aziz Ur Rehman is an Assistant Professor at the law department of the IIUI against Basic Pay Scale System (BPS) of the academia and has a monthly salary package of over 1.5 lac per month which, an official explained, is his legal right as he is providing teaching services to IIUI against this package like many other university teaching and non-teaching employees.

But surprisingly, Dr Rehman withdrew another parallel salary from Saudi government, and this dual salary cannot be justified, the sources said.

According to the document available with Naya Daur Media, Dr. Hafiz Aziz Ur Rehman was hired at Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University on a one-year contract.

The purpose of the hiring was not specified. However, the contract letter reads “he would perform the scientific tasks assigned to him within the limits of his specialization.”

As per the document Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University promised to pay him 5625 Saudi Riyals monthly salary against this service which is equivalent to almost 247500 Pakistani rupees. In this way, he has accumulated over 2.4 million rupees (annual) illegally other than his regular salary he was getting from IIUI as Assistant Professor which is also around Rs 2 million for this period.

The sources disclosed to this scribe that authorities concerned should recover illegal accumulated money from Dr Reham and put it into national exchequer as a corruption scam.  Besides this, they suggested, he should be treated according to the law.

It was stated in the letter he is a Pakistani national and the approval was made by Al-Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University that falls under control of Ministry of Higher Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It said that Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University is represented by the Vice President of the IIUI.

“A first party (Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University) is obligated to pay the second party (Dr. Hafiz Aziz Ur Rehman) a monthly salary of Saudi Riyals (5625) five thousand, six hundred and twenty-five Riyals only,” the letter reads.

“The duration of the contract is one year and, the document added, the contract does not entail any sums of money other than what is described (aforementioned). It clarified that the second party must perform the scientific tasks assigned to him within the limits of his specialization,” it further said.

But Dr Rehman told, he said that he can’t comment until he receives a written brief regarding this matter.

When Rector IIUI Dr Masoom Yasin Zai was asked, he expressed his complete ignorance over the matter. “I am the administrative head of the varsity and have a mandate of policy making. The point you are raising has never come to my knowledge and the varsity spokesperson may better respond over this issue”, Dr Yasin Zai claimed.

Varsity spokesperson Nasir Farid respond that he isn't aware of the issue and not having concrete information in this regard. However, he recalled, “May be such practice has been done during the tenure of previous management.”

It is pertinent to mention that earlier the rector IIUI Dr Masoom Yasin Zai was also receiving dual salary that was not even in the notice of the varsity Board of Governors (BOG) and Board of Trustees (BOT).  Dr Yasin Zai also had accumulated millions of rupees as monthly salary against such services from the same University (Imam Muhammad University of Saudi Arabia).

Naya Daur Media made repeated attempts to reach Dr. Hafiz Aziz Ur Rehman for comment, but he remained unresponsive.