The Other Side Of Meray Aziz Humwatano

The Other Side Of Meray Aziz Humwatano
Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to strategy in future, may not be utilised as an excuse in fidwi’s abduction. Jazakz.

Maryam: Baba you look so incredibly sad, it will be ok, don’t worry, you are doing everything you can.

Nawaz: Am I though? This nation, these people have done so much for me and our family Maryam, I feel like I failed my people. I was an ordinary man; I didn’t deserve all of this respect, clout and opportunities. People accorded me all of this, through their vote. Did you see how people were gathered around the car just so they could get a glimpse, and the love, it’s overwhelming Maryam, I am not just indebted, I feel the weight of the world on me.

Maryam: Jee baba, I get it!

Nawaz: I don’t think you do. Shehbaz most definitely doesn’t. It can’t just be about him or even you becoming PM. I have to face my creator soon Maryam, I have to go with a clean conscience, and it’s not!

Maryam: Baba, please don’t do or say anything, which further jeopardises your life.

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Nawaz: Maryam, I am an old man. I am not worried about my life. I have lived an extremely good life, but the opportunities which were accorded to me through sheer blessings of Almighty, I feel like I failed, I should have done more, and I would like to make amends.

Maryam: Baba, you are scaring me.

Nawaz: Don’t be scared, Allah is the greatest, and Allah alone can harm us, I am truly sincere and I have faith that Allah will help me deliver prosperity to this nation.

Maryam: but Baba…

Nawaz: Maryam, I have made up my mind, please arrange a call with Maulana.

(Phone rings somewhere in Dera Ismail Khan, phone is eventually handed to Maulana)

Maulana : Assalam-0-Alaikum wrt wbt mian sahab..

Nawaz: Walleykum Salam Maulana, time is extremely short so I will get right to the point. We need to do something different. Something which would truly put Pakistan on the road to true democracy and a government on the basis of the constitution of Pakistan. We can discuss details later, I just need to know if you are on board on just one point and agree to sit with me in a press conference.

Maulana: What is that 1 point?

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Nawaz: Serving Pakistani Generals and officers must not get involved in politics. They must go back to their role, described in painful details in the constitution of Pakistan.

Maulana: But mian sahab, they would do it, just because you asked them in a press conference?

Nawaz: They will do it, if we ask them nicely. If we make a plea, earnestly and honestly. But, they will do it only if WE say it together, with one voice, without ambiguity, with conviction and resolve.

Maulana: And who is we?

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Nawaz: We is Pakistan! We is Zardari! We is Sardar Mengal! We is Bugti’s grandson in London! We is Altaf Hussein! We is Asfandyar! We is Achakzai! We is Manzoor Pashteen! This is doable Maulana sahab. We owe it to our people! We can gather all of them on one-point agenda. It can work. It has to work.

Maulana: But..

Nawaz: Maulana sahab, these 6 individuals have to do a press conference together. We talk to the people of Pakistan. We talk to the serving generals of Pakistan army. And we plead to them with humility. We tell them that they have tried to do it their way, 72 odd years, and this is where we are! Let’s try something different!

Maulana: Will Zardari play ball?

Nawaz: I think he will. Everyone else will as well!

Maulana: Ok! Let me reach out to him again! May Allah have mercy on us!

(Phone rings somewhere in Nawabshah; eventually gets handed to Zardari)

Zardari: Mian Sahab, Assalam-o-Alaikum! I have heard from the grapevine some chirpings, are we really going to do this?

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Nawaz: We must Zardari sahib, are you in or are you out?

Zardari: Let’s do it!

(Noisy and packed press club of Lahore. Mian sb arrives with Zardari, Pashteen, Maulana, Asfandyar, Mengal and Achakzai. Altaf Bhai is online as always. Takes a seat. Pin drop silence)

Nawaz: Meray Aziz Hamwatano…..

And the rest as they say, is history!