Morning Show Host Apologizes For Misbehaving With Nasir Khan Jan

Morning Show Host Apologizes For Misbehaving With Nasir Khan Jan
Naya Din host Mohammad Shoaib has apologized over misconduct towards social media star Nasir Khan Jan during an episode this week.

The host apologised and admitted that his behaviour was uncalled for. He also commended Nasir Khan Jan for his response.

"My questions were wrong and so was my manner and approach. That hurt the sentiments of Nasir Khan Jan, his fans and all our viewers and I apologise for that, because that was wrong," Shoaib said while addressing the audience.

Shoaib added that he had learned that he should be respectful towards his guests saying that the way he asked Khan questions was inappropriate and that it would not be repeated.

Nasir Khan Jan accepted Shoaib's apology saying that those who were criticising him in the past were now siding with him. He said that it would be better if everyone treated each other positively. 

"Those people who would send me horrid messages were now supporting me. Wouldn't it have been great if we were all positive with each other like this."

A clip from the interview went viral where the host, Mohammad Shoaib could be seen belittling Khan in a condescending tone.

Shoaib had received severe criticism from social media users.

Journalist Omar Quraishi said: "This is pretty shameful - I know morning shows are not doing well on most channels, but this one on Samaa takes the cake - invites a guest only to insult him."

User Sikandar Ahmed Khan said: "Every anchor must know there is a difference between hosting a show and a judging someone. You are not a judge and Nasir Khan Jan is not criminal standing in a witness box."

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