Dominance in Sindh

Dominance in Sindh
PPP has been the most dominant force in Sindh's politics ever since it came into being but during the last few years, its opponents have also been co-opted by Asif Ali Zardari. Here's Obed Pasha analysis on why PPP is invincible in Sindh for another decade or so.

  • PPP will remain dominant in Sindh’s politics

  • at least for next 10 to 15 years

  • And the reason is quite simple:

  • Sindh’s politics is based on a system of patronage

  • It revolves around the feudal lords there

  • Historically there used to be two types of

  • feudal lords in Sindh:

  • pro-People’s Party and anti-People’s Party

  • But during the last 10 years of continuous rule

  • Asif Zardari also got the opportunity to

  • bring anti-PPP feudal lords into his fold

  • The bigger landlords get the MNA and MPA seats

  • The smaller ones get positions in local bodies

  • Then they can get contracts, transfers, postings,

  • Senate seats and also positions in Union Councils

  • So all the elites in Sindh who can be termed ‘elect-ables’

  • have been co-opted by Asif Ali Zardari

  • Their position therefore is quite strong in entire Sindh

  • Although the middle class is quite weak in Sindh,

  • sometimes it does play a defining role, like in 2013,

  • when Makhdoom Amin Fahim barely managed to win

  • his seat against Memon community’s candidate

  • So that’s how it is and I don’t see any threat

  • to PPP’s prospects in Sindh

  • As they say, Zardari is PhD in politics,

  • it is the same politics of patronage that he has mastered