Charsadda Family Uses Social Media In Pursuit of Justice For Slain Brothers

Charsadda Family Uses Social Media In Pursuit of Justice For Slain Brothers
In the era of social media, it has become impossible for crimes and human rights violations to remain hidden. Social media has immense power when it comes to diffusion of information, that too at a substantially faster rate than print and television news.

When it comes to justice against influential people in society, it is always slow with stories being brushed under the carpet and payments being made to maintain silence. But that is not the case with social media, where the power and social status of the criminal is unable to hinder the spread of information regarding his actions. With the click of a button, people far and wide are made aware of injustices, even those occurring in places that don’t receive attention from conventional media.

Such has been the case in Charsadda, where one family, in its pursuit of justice for their loved ones, took to social media to share their ordeal.

According to a report, three brothers in Charsadda were murdered by an influential landlord following a property dispute. The victims, Kashif, Sajjad and Shabbir, had made a partial payment to the said landlord for a property they were intending to purchase from him.

After months of negotiations over the transaction, the landlord invited the three men for a meeting to settle the matter. The negotiations turned into a heated argument and the brothers were gunned down.

Witnesses of the incident narrated how the landlord refused to transfer the ownership of the property even though he had received a significant portion of the payment. During the argument, in a fit of anger, the landlord killed the three brothers. Following the murders, the landlord fled to Malaysia.

To receive justice the family of the victims turned to social media to make people aware of their plight. The posts caused demonstrations in their area and succeeded in forcing law enforcement agencies to bring back the accused back to Pakistan.

Following the spread of the news regarding the incident on social media, a Twitter user claimed that the landlord was the nephew of a former director general of the Federal Investigation Agency.

A relative of the victim informed media that the post forced authorities to take action against the landlord.

The incident sheds light on the power that social media holds and how in this day and age, the arm of the law can reach further than it did before through the use of social media tools.

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