Protests In Sindh As 13-Year-Old Girl Shot Dead Over 'Honour'

Protests In Sindh As 13-Year-Old Girl Shot Dead Over 'Honour'
Amid demands of justice for teenage girl Ramsha Wassan, protests continue in Sindh’s different parts.

Protestors are demanding exemplary punishment to the killers of the 13-year-old girl.

Ramsha was gunned down on Feb 3 allegedly by Zulfiqar Wassan in Khairpur’s Nawab Wassan village over a matrimonial dispute.

The accused is a close relative of PPP leaders Manzoor Wassan, Nawab Wassan and MPA Munawar Wassan.

According to Ramsha’s mother, her daughter was kidnapped by Zulfiqar Wassan after she expressed her wish to marry her cousin.

Parents recovered Ramsha after a few days with the help of influential politicians.

However she was gunned down allegedly by Zulfiqar Wassan the same day she returned to home.

Opposition parties in Sindh Assembly staged protest over rejection of their demand to discuss the Ramsha murder.

Amid protest Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani haphazardly adjourned the Assembly’s session.

Police is also being criticized for registering the case under the sections relating to honour killing to favour the killers.

Initially, the police did not register the murder case on the complaint of Ramsha’s father.

Last year, a bus hostess Mehwish was murdered for refusing a marriage proposal

Later, due to social media uproar, police registered a murder FIR, citing state as the complainant and not the father.

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has ordered for early arrest of Ramsha Wassan killers.

However Police have so far failed to arrest the main accused. One suspect, Ghaffar Wassan, has been arrested so far.

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Zulfiqar Kunbhar is a reporter based in Sindh, Pakistan. He covers health, culture and education.