Extremists In Karachi Refuse Donations ‘From Ahmadis’, Turn Away Volunteers

Extremists In Karachi Refuse Donations ‘From Ahmadis’, Turn Away Volunteers
Amid the deadly coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan, some extremist residents of Karachi’s Delhi colony refused to accept donation from an NGO, on grounds that they don’t accept charity from 'Ahmadiyya community'. The volunteers distributing food were then forced out of the colony.

Journalist Bilal Farooqi posted the video of the incident on Twitter, saying the NGO that was distributing free food in the colony was driven away by the religious fanatics. He said, “The extremists refuse to accept charity by Ahmadis even though the NGO was not affiliated with Ahmadiyya community.”


People on Twitter criticised the behaviour of Delhi colony’s residents, saying that the volunteers were harassed and beaten, despite knowing the fact that they were helping the poor people affected by covid-19.


A Twitter said, “What a shame, charity workers assisting the poor affected by the coronavirus lockdown were harassed, beaten in Karachi by Islamist extremists.”


It is unfortunate that even in the difficult times when the whole country is fighting against coronavirus, hatred and bigotry against religious minorities continue in Pakistan. This is not the first time that Ahmadiyya community is targeted in the streets or markets of Pakistan. They have been facing hard persecution and religious discrimination since decades just because of their faith. Even their businesses and shops are boycotted here, people don’t engage and deal with them in any possible way.

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