Manolo Galeto, Hotel Margala, Rahat Dairy, Muhammadi Nihari Found Selling Germ-Infested Food Items

Manolo Galeto, Hotel Margala, Rahat Dairy, Muhammadi Nihari Found Selling Germ-Infested Food Items
ISLAMABAD: Reputed names in food industry in the federal capital Manolo Galeto, Hotel  Margala, Rahat Dairy and Muhammadi Nihari have been found guilty of supplying germ-infested food items to the public, the documents available with Naya Daur revealed.

According to the documents, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Food Department collected samples from the aforementioned places and sent it for lab assessment to National Institute of Health (NIH) where they were found germ-infested and unfit for health.

According to the documents, samples of cooked fish and chicken were collected from Hotel Margala Kitchen and later forwarded to NIH for lab assessment. The results obtained from NIH stated that both items of Hotel Margala were contaminated and coliform was found in both.

A reliable source in NIH told Naya Daur that according to their assessment and experience, presence of coliform in food items means the water where the fish was kept is contaminated with coliform bacteria. “Since coliform was found in chicken samples, it is clear that the environment was unhygienic,” the source added.

The samples collected from the reputed ice cream brand Manolo Galeto in Islamabad powder was also sent to NIH for examination. The medical assessments found the powder contaminated and unfit for health as various bacterial germs were found inside the powder used for making ice cream.

Muhammadi Nihari which is opening various branches in Islamabad these days did not pass the examination either. Samples of their nihari were found infested with various bacterial items.

Rahat Dairy which supplies butter and cooking oil was also found guilty of supplying contaminated items to market.

When contacted, Margala Hotel Food Manager Munib Khattak denied the reports and said he would challenge the claim.

Deputy Director Food Iqbal Yousaf told Naya Daur that first time in history of Islamabad the food department has launched crackdown on reputed restaurants and food outlets in Islamabad and in this regard couple of places are sealed.

He further said that the food environment was improved in the capital due to the strict vigilance being shown by the authorities concerned.

He added that challans of the accused have been forwarded to magistrates for legal action. Yousaf also said that Islamabad food department has destroyed more than 60000 liters of adulterated milk in the capital and more action would be taken soon.

When contacted, a responsible official of the Manolo Galeto ice cream brand told Naya Daur that they reject these results as our items are imported from Italy and Canada and are as per health standards.

A representative of Muhammadi Nihari declined Naya Daur’s request for comment.
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The author is a reporter based in Islamabad.