253 Healthcare Providers Across Pakistan Contracted Coronavirus In Line Of Duty

253 Healthcare Providers Across Pakistan Contracted Coronavirus In Line Of Duty
An approximate of 253 healthcare providers and paramedical staff have been tested positive for coronavirus in Pakistan, a research by the National Emergency Operation Centre shows.

On Thursday, the data was released up to April 22, in which, 124 doctors, 39 nurses and and 90 health workers have been affected by coronavirus.

92 of these patients are in isolation, 125 are admitted in hospitals while 33 have recovered and have been discharged.

Dr. Usama Riaz was the first one to lose his life to the virus. He was a young doctor in the local medical facility in Gilgit Baltistan and collapsed last month.

83 medical workers have been affected in Punjab, so far, according to the ministry's data; this includes 53 doctors, 12 nurses and 18 health workers. Out of these, 15 are in isolation, 61 have been admitted to hospitals and eight have been discharged.

According to the data, 56 medical workers have been infected, however, in a press conference held on Wednesday in Karachi by senior doctors, it was shared that in Sindh alone, 162 health professionals had tested positive.

The ministry's report says 30 medical workers have been infected so far in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 32 in Balochistan. 

In Azad Jammu and Kashmir, four medical workers have been infected. Out of these, one is a doctor and three are health workers. All four have recovered.

Gilgit Baltistan has lost two medics out of the 17 infected; 14 are being treated at hospitals and one has recovered.

Total number of people in all of Pakistan who have tested positive for the virus have increased to 11.513, according to Dawn, and the deaths have been 240.

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