Zainab Market - Karachi's Lifeline For Discounted Clothing

Zainab Market - Karachi's Lifeline For Discounted Clothing
There's Something About Zainab.

If Zainab Market was not there, more than half the population of young lads in Karachi would be in tatters or using the proverbial fig leaf.

Initially established in mid 1970s as a factory outlets market for export surplus or faulty clothing items, Zainab Market grew to be Karachiite's lifeline for discounted clothing, leather items and handicrafts. The market reached its pinnacle and acquired international fame during 1980s and mid 1990s as a tourist attraction.
Situated in an unassuming three storied plaza, Zainab became an iconic treasure trove for beautiful embroidered clothes, brass, copper handicrafts, wooden inlay and marble household and gift items. Precious and semi precious jewellery glittering at various shops.

With the Afghan war, the country's smuggled artefacts and silver jewellery found their way to Zainab's vibrant environment, adding another dimension to it.

With Pakistan going through terrorism crisis, the Market saw a decline in tourists and hugely suffered a drop in leather and handicraft sales. However, true to the spirit of the city it is a landmark of, Zainab Market trudged along supported by the loyal Karachiites.

Today, amidst the centre of the colonial Saddar area, Zainab Market stands gracefully offering casual clothes for men and women and children, teenagers, leather items, handicrafts, truck art at jaw dropping, throw-away prices, provided you know the art of browsing and haggling.

The PinkTree Company takes our extremely talented star Hareem Farooq to Karachi's quintessential Zainab Market which proudly represents not just the resilient city but also a microcosm of Pakistan through its offerings. Dressed in The Pink Tree's soon-to-be-released collection Rangeen Chhaap, Hareem not only adds star power but also proves once again her unique capability to slip into any role she is asked to.

The sprightly, riot-of-colours, Zainab Market serves as the backdrop of our equally prismatic collection.



























Images above: Photographer Sana Idrees has captured the essence of this easily identifiable landmark of Karachi while clicking behind the scenes shots of The PinkTree Company shoot.

The text has been taken from Mohsin Sayeed's Facebook status. In these stressful times, beauty heals us.

The author is a cultural critic and affiliated with fashion industry. He can be reached via