Author Mohammed Hanif Fired From Habib University

Author Mohammed Hanif Fired From Habib University
A day after academic Ammar Ali Jan announced that he was forced to resign as a professor at Forman Christian (FC) College, renowned author and journalist Mohammed Hanif has said that he was fired from Karachi’s Habib University.

While responding to a tweet of Ammar Ali Jan, the novelist invited the former to come to Karachi for teaching purposes. He added, “I have also just been shown the door by private Habib University where I taught a few semesters. (Not as qualified or committed as you). But I was beginning to like it. Will miss the students.”

Ammar then expressed solidarity with Hanif and said that the university’s act was clearly an issue of ‘insecure/precarious’ employment. “There needs to be a campaign for job security otherwise no employee will ever dare speak truth to power. What a huge loss for students at Habib,” the political activist added.

Last week, (FC) College had also refused to renew nuclear physicist Professor Pervez Hoodbhoy’s contract citing ‘over-staffing’. Hoodbhoy told Naya Daur that he will teach a semester at the college before tendering his resignation. His contract for the ongoing month was not renewed and the administration told him that they have to let him go.

It is pertinent to mention here that Professor Pervez Hoodbhoy has always been a critic of government policies and is well-liked and respected in liberal circles.

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