MNA Mohsin Dawar Decides To Form Political Party

MNA Mohsin Dawar Decides To Form Political Party
MNA Mohsin Dawar has reportedly decided to form a new political party which will include senior politicians Afrasiab Khattak and Bushra Gohar.

Independent Urdu reported that a PTM meeting held on Sunday decided that the PTM members who believe in parliamentary politics would join the new party.

In attendance in the meeting were Mohsin Dawar, former Awami National Party (ANP) senator Afrasiab Khattak, senior lawmaker and former ANP central leader Latif Afridi Advocate, who is also the current president of the Supreme Court Bar Association. Bushra Gohar and ANP’s Jamila Gilani were also present on the occasion.

PTM chief Manzoor Pashteen would not be part of the political party and thus the PTM and the new political party would have separate ways.

It was also said that in the meeting some PTM leaders, including Mohsin Dawar, had tried to persuade Manzoor Pashteen to form a political party, but he refused.

According to sources, Afrasiab Khattak, Bushra Gohar and Jamila Gilani will be among the central leaders in this political party while Mohsin Dawar will head the party.

However, the date of the announcement of the political party and the future strategy has not been finalised yet.

Independent Urdu further quoted sources as saying that the PTM will get the same support as other nationalist parties and their demands will also be supported. However, PTM leaders belonging to this political party will not be part of the new group.

PTM leader and National Assembly member Ali Wazir, who is currently in jail, will not be part of this political party either.