Shireen Mazari Slammed For Tweeting About Human Rights In India The Day Junaid Hafeez Is Sentenced To Death

Shireen Mazari Slammed For Tweeting About Human Rights In India The Day Junaid Hafeez Is Sentenced To Death
Federal Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari has come under fire for focusing more on the human rights conditions in other countries rather than Pakistan.

Shireen Mazari today tweeted a news report about Malaysian premier Mahatir Muhammad criticising India’s new Citizenship Amendment Act, which allows all citizens, except Muslims, from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, to seek Indian citizenship.

The tweet had come at the time when news broke of academic Junaid Hafeez of Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, receiving the death sentence for blasphemy. Observers have claimed that the trial of Junaid Hafeez had not been fair; Hafeez’s lawyer had told Naya Daur in September that the prosecution was trying to swing the case in their favor by using delaying tactics. They judge in the case had also being pressured by a group of lawyers who wanted Hafeez to be convicted.

People did not take lightly to the human rights minister tweeting about rights issues in India the day someone had received the death sentence ‘without getting a fair trial’.

One user asked the human rights minister to look into her own home, as an academic had been sentenced to death, who had no access to a fair trial. She added that the government was doing the same to Muslims and minorities as India was doing to theirs.

Another user asked her, “What about Junaid Hafeez?”, adding that blasphemy laws in Pakistan were infamous for being used as a tool to settle disputes.

One user asked her to look into the fake blasphemy charges on Junaid Hafeez due to which he had been sentenced to death.

One user reminded the minister that Junaid Hafeez had gotten a death sentence while a blasphemy case against the prime minister had been dismissed. He asked her, “Are you India's HR minister or Pakistan's?”

Another user stated Shireen Mazari was the human rights minister of every country except Pakistan.

Moreover, Prime Minister Imran Khan also made a similar tweet criticising the indian Citizenship Amendment Act, and received a similar reaction.

Activist Kashif Chaudhry criticised Imran Khan for not speaking about Sunni supremacy and religious extremism.

Meanwhile, people also commented on how the case of Junaid Hafeez is reflective of the poor state of law enforcement and minority protection in Pakistan.

Journalist Ahmed Noorani stated that it was a culture in Pakistan to allege opponents of blasphemy, instigate people, manipulate and delay legal process.

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