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Taliban Impose Restrictions On Women After Capturing Districts In Northern Afghanistan

Taliban and the Afghan government are battling for control of Afghanistan, but areas fallen to the Taliban recently are already facing repression. In the wake of the withdrawal of the US and NATO troops from the conflict-ridden country, the Taliban launched several attacks into new territory in northern and western provinces.

While the Afghan government retains control of the provincial capitals, Taliban fighters have taken control of some surrounding districts, as per the international media.

Local population of the districts recently captured by the Taliban is now facing restrictions. Voice of America (VoA) reported that several citizens from Balkh, a district in northern Balkh province, have confirmed that Taliban distributed leaflets, imposing strict rules similar to those they did when they last controlled the country from 1996 to 2001.

A 34-year-old woman from the Balkh district was quoted by VOA as saying that the Taliban want to restrict women’s presence and movement in the country the way they did under their rule in the past. These restrictions include a ban on leaving houses without a male companion and wearing hijab at all times, she says.

Before being overthrown in 2001, the Taliban rulers had put in place a strict order whereby women were forced to fully cover themselves and asked not to leave their houses without a male family member.

However, with the new Afghan government in 2001, the restrictions were removed and laws promoting girls education and inclusion of women in the workforce were made. This progress may now be lost with Taliban gradually returning to power


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