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PM Imran Says ‘Vulgarity’ Causes Rapes, Sexual Violence

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that rape and child abuse is the result of obscenity and vulgarity in the society, adding that Islam condemns vulgarity because it creates temptation. “Not everyone has the willpower to resist temptation,” he said.

Imran Khan said that the society in the UK was just beginning to go astray when he went there during his student life. “Sex drug and rock and roll gradually began in the UK. Obscenity became the norm and it impacted their family system,” Khan said.

He said that Islam orders Purdah because it is meant to protect the family system. “We as a society should adopt a holistic approach [to end sexual violence],” he said, adding that mobile phones are also adding to the problem of vulgarity.

Further, the PM said that his government has introduced a Rape Ordinance, but legislation alone cannot guarantee an end to sexual violence.

He expressed these views while answering a caller’s question during the interactive session with public on Sunday.

About corruption, the PM reiterated that action against corrupt influential elements is crucial so they are made an example of. “China jailed several ministers for corruption because they know if the people at the top are held accountable, it would help them eradicate corruption,” he said. The PM also gave example of French and Iranian revolutions and said that corrupt individuals were beheaded to set example.


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  1. Muhammad Murad April 5, 2021

    obscenity and vulgarity are similar to the meaning here you should have used one word not both


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