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Shia Religious Scholar Killed With Axe Over Blasphemy Allegations In Jhang

A man from the Shia Muslim community was axed to death on Wednesday for alleged blasphemy in Jhang, Punjab.

Dawn reported that the slain man was a Shia religious scholar. He was attending a festival along with his friend Hasnain Shah in Shorkot tehsil, where they were attacked by a man.

The slain scholar, Taqi, was on a motorcycle and he fell on the road after being attacked. The murderer then used an axe to kill him. Taqi’s friend remained unharmed and is a witness in the case. Later, the accused escaped the crime scene. Police shifted the body to a hospital for medicolegal formalities.

Dawn quoted Jhang DPO Sarfraz Virk as saying that the victim was under trial for blasphemy accusations in a court since 2019.

Police have reportedly registered a murder case against three suspects including two unidentified persons at Shorkot City police station.


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