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A Tale Of Two Cities


This is the evolving story of twin cities in the North of Pakistan.

There are kings and king makers, playing out a familiar tune and the hapless Pakistan citizenry are waiting for a “loser’ to emerge, for in these “hunger games” of power, there shall be no ‘winners’.

So some have the ethnic card, while others wield “gun powder” while still others will yield the ‘lasso of money’, which besides the rare genuine taxpayers, is found a plenty. It comes from the powder kegs, that serve as a conduit for international narcotics trade and internal real estate empires.

The ‘Pied pipers’ in this “game of thrones” are out leading their respective herds into the valley of descent, with the wily moustached magician playing a game only he knows best and the Nihari gang blowing hot and cold over their soup plates. Then the ball tampering reformer lets lose his out of favour sugar cartel on the nation , albeit a bit too late.

Don’t worry twin cities, the nation is in deep slumber and will continue to blindly ape and follow their respective “role models” for they have been fed the sugar coated ‘sleeping pills’ time and again with “sham and shameful democracies” and “uniformed prescriptions”.

The Creator will never change our conditions till we change our conditions ourselves first as espoused in our Furqan and Criterion.

Everyone shall be answerable for their own deeds. When the scales are set up, the blind supporters of the “twin city royals” will have to stand up for themselves. Everyone shall be stark naked that day.

“Pakistan Zindabad” may also not be able to save us then !














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Naya Daur