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Pakistan Will Now Have Its Own Messaging App

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The government of Pakistan will develop the country’s own social networking app with state-of-the-art security features. The app will include all modern communication features including messages, voice calls and videos. It will be developed by the Ministry of Information Technology and IT experts.

Consultations about the app’s development have already started and once it gets approval by the federal cabinet, work on the project will start.

The Express Tribune reported that the ministry has decided to create a social networking app for the convenience of the people at the national level. The registration for the app will require phone numbers and CNIC numbers of the users.

The app will also look at the privacy concerns most of the users have and will ensure protection of the people’s data and messages while the user’s personal information will not be shared as well.

In the first phase, it will be launched in major cities after being developed on an experimental basis, after which its scope will be widened.

According to IT minister, work on the development of this social networking app will start soon and in its first phase it will be launched only in major cities on an experimental basis. After the initial phase and successful experimentation, the scope of the app will be widened.


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