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Clashes Between Farmers, Police In India Intensify As Protestors Enter New Delhi

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A protesting farmer has reportedly been killed in New Delhi after he lost control of his tractor when police allegedly shot him at a tractor march held by the farmers to mark India’s Republic Day. The authorities, however, claim that he died as result of an accident. Indian farmers that have been protesting for months against Narendra Modi government’s draconian regulations stormed into the country’s capital, New Delhi, using tractors to separate barricades. Police used tear gas on the protestors.

The procession of tractors was scheduled to start after the celebrations and parade for India’s Republic Day had been concluded. But the procession started two hours early due to some confusion within the protestors.

A shipping container put to block their path was cleared by the tractors. Indian TV media showed farmers storming into the city holding flags, swords and tridents. Some small group of protestors broke away from the approved route of the rally and tipped over buses.

However, the majority of protestors are sticking with the approved route and heading towards the centre of Delhi.

“Once we make it inside Delhi, we’re not going anywhere until Modi repeals the law,” said a farmer Uttar Pradesh.

Prime Minister Modi rushed three farming laws through Parliament in September that he hopes would inject private investment into a sector that has been ‘plagued for decades by inefficiency and lack of capital’. But farmers protested against the laws and allege that the easing of regulations by the government had left them at the mercy of multinational giants who would take over their businesses.


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