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Women Action Forum Condemns ‘Fake News’ Being Spread In Meesha-Ali Zafar Case

Women rights organisations including Women Action Forum and Aurat March Lahore have released statements in support of actor Meesha Shafi after FIA accused her of defamation in a case filed by Ali Zafar, seeking proceedings against her. Women rights group have claimed that false information is being spread about Meesha and eight others names in the Ali Zafar case. They point out the hypocrisy and the lack of justice for women who report their harassers. Furthermore, they say that FIA is no one to find Meesha “guilty” of anything. That is the court’s job and the verdict in the Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi case is not out yet.

Earlier this week the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) asked a trial court to start proceedings against singer Meesha Shafi and eight others for allegedly being involved in a hate campaign targeting Ali Zafar. The complaint against Shafi and eight others by Zafar in November.


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