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Christian Girl Allegedly Killed For Refusal To Convert To Islam, Marry Muslim Man In Rawalpindi

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A Christian woman was reportedly shot dead in Rawalpindi for her refusal to convert to Islam and enter into a marriage with a Muslim man.
Christian news platform Aid to Church (AIC) reported that 24-year-old Christian woman Sonia Bibi had resisted an attempt to force her into marriage after converting her to Islam. The man who wanted her to marry him reportedly shot her dead. The alleged incident took place in the Fazaia Colony of Rawalpindi.

Earlier this month, the case of Arzoo Raja, a teenage girl from the Christian community in Karachi, who was allegedly forced into marriage to a 40-year-old man after being converted to Islam, made headlines.

She was eventually moved to a shelter house on the court’s orders but the case revealed the impunity enjoyed by the perpetrators of forced conversions.


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