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Khushab’s Slain Bank Manager Had Committed No Blasphemy, Clerics Issue Unanimous Statement

Local clerics from all schools of thought have collectively declared the slain blasphemy-accused bank manager in Khushab innocent.

Representatives of all sects held an inquiry into the matter after meeting the employees of the bank and reached the conclusion that the slain bank manager had committed no blasphemy. They in fact termed him a true lover of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

While addressing a press conference to share details of their findings, the clerics unanimously condemned the murder.

The bank manager who was shot and killed by a security guard in Khushab had scolded the murderer for coming late to work. The slain manager ‘s brother says that the security guard is using blasphemy allegations to cover up the crime.
Malik Imran Hanif, manager at a bank in Quaidabad Tehsil of Khushab was shot dead on Wednesday by a security guard at the bank.

The CCTV footage showed that the murderer came in the room of the manager and sat on the clients’ chair. He then stood up and shot the manager without saying anything.

The guard was handed over to the police by the people outside the bank, but was immediately released after the police were pressured by people from a nearby mosque.

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