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Lest We Forget Our Lost Sons Of Motherland

We remain entangled in heated political pointscoring failing to hear the funeral prayer calls emanating from Gilgit to Gawader, from a small town of Choa Saiden Shah in Chakwal to shores of Indus. Meanwhile every minute, sons of this soil sacrifice their lives for the safety and liberty of our nation.

Political opportunistic parasites fail to understand the glaring reality of our national resolve. It’s extremely heart wrenching to see mothers lose their beloved sons for keeping our flag flying high. Millions have been buried across Pakistan in several graveyards across our territory of 881,913 square kilometers. The pain is unimaginable and one wonders who will console those mothers and families of the martyred.

Political quagmires and useless unfortunate debate heard in the Pakistani political horizon belittles not only those who lost their loved ones but also the ones who sacrificed for our greater salvation.

Who are we serving when we engage in demonizing our institutions?Are we deliberately damaging our nation’s soul and hurting the souls of our sons of soil? We should ponder on this criminal anti-state narrative being deliberately delivered by the particular actors in our political diaspora. Whose cause and agenda are those nefarious elements trying to serve? This sinister agenda is maligning our martyred and thus, it should be dealt with an iron fist.

Nations don’t prosper and progress by belittling those who sacrifice their lives and go unnoticed.

I belong to a northern Punjab district, one of the few distinguished terrains whose entire soil is filled with graves of its martyred sons. Chakwal’s soil of 6,524 square kilometers is soaked with blood of its sons. Lest we forget. We as civilized citizens should boycott elements who play with emotions and plight of our people. Destructive demons under the garb of democracy are pushing a divisive narrative for damaging the national unity. People of pakistan should not play in the hands of such political parasites plaguing our landscape.

Our political leadership’s sanity should prevail over simmering emotions. How hard it can be? To put Pakistan first, to address core national issues that concern us all from price hike to security and to obliterate fault lines within our twisted certain segment of leadership whose political agenda serves opportunist international players.

We as a nation should always remember that we breath in the sweet scent of freedom debating about democracy and respect for vote only because of the martyred sons. To them, we owe all our privileges. We as a proud nation of valiant defenders of motherland should be at guard against the particular actors sowing seeds of division.

I wish and pray we unite not as Balouchi Sindhi Pashtoon or Punjabi but as Pakistani, emerging over with a loud and clear message. We as proud Pakistanis should stand firm in rejecting such elements who malign our forces, sow seeds of distrust, hatred and division as we are a robust nation who has buried its soldiers not its soul.

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